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Why select cloth diapers instead of disposables

Back in the day before one used disposable diapers people made use of cloth diapers. If you think that the evolution of baby diapers has taken a turn for the better then you are sadly mistaken.

Results have confirmed that billions of diapers end up in landfill sites. The decomposition time required for a diaper is still unclear but many think that it can take anywhere from 200 to 250 years. The earth is already contending with toxicity in many other forms and diapers just make the situation worse. Many are of the opinion that the convenience of disposable diapers is beneficial however if you consider how one is destroying the environment those current and future generations will inhabit it is not worth it.

Disposable nappies come with some harmful materials that consist of Dioxin, Tributyl-tin and super absorbent polymer (SAP). Dioxin toxicity issues can be traced to cancer patients. Tributyl-tin wreaks havoc with hormones and SAP absorbency properties have the same structure that is used in tampons. Women making use of tampons containing this substance have had to deal with Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Without any question babies are a costly affair. People experiencing financial difficulty can ease this burden by making use of affordable cloth baby diapers. 60 nappies are required on a weekly basis for a single baby and when looking at usage over two years the numbers add up to 6000 diapers. The expense of disposable diapers quickly totals up to 1600 dollars for two years given that a single diaper averages around 25 cents. Add in expenses for wipes together with diapers and the costs begin to climb.

Keeping the environment and a baby sound is achieved through the purchasing of Maryland cloth baby diapers which is part of the eco friendly baby products instead of harmful disposables. Virginia Cloth Baby Diapers take up more time but all the work generates long lasting benefits. They are far less expensive when measuring it against disposables. Twelve non bleached prefolds can be bought for around 16 dollars and this is indeed a great price difference. For those not wanting to deal with additional baby accessories Velcro cloth baby diapers is an option.


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